Here's an idea of what we're working on, and things we probably need help with.

If you want to know more, or want to volunteer some time and effort, please get in touch or let us know at an open night meetup.

If you're working on something at the space, or for the space, and we've left you off this list, please let us know

Project Lead Goal Status
Laser Cutter Upgrade Scott F Upgrade the inner workings of the laser cutter to use a Raspberry pi, a Arduino/GRBL PiHat, and Laserweb running on the pi. COMPLETE
T-shirt printing Mary Find a way to take orders and payment from members for screenprinted t-shirts, and print and deliver those t-shirts All orders are now fulfilled. Ready to take some more orders!
Shapeoko tweaks Craig The shapeoko is basically running, but needs limit switches, homing and e-stop added. Part-way through. Anyone can jump in and help if there is interest. We have determined the pinout from the DB9 port on the controller, and just need to wire those into the physical switches and test. Next step will be to add a spindle. Michael has a spindle and power supply that need repairing, but that we can use for this project.
Electronics storage Craig The electronics and workshop area needs much better storage. Full-width, CRO-depth shelving above electonics workbench, and legs to hold the steel pegboard for general workshop tools. COMPLETE
Taz6 3D Printer Build Scott B Build a 3D Printer with decent build area for all the makers to use! It will be owned completely by the Hobart Makers rather than a loan for a member. It will be in many colours instead of just black! 3D plastic parts printed. Gathering mechanical, electronics and hardware parts for the build.
Alpaca-wool blend jumper Sarah Make a jumper (this is a big job!) on straight needles, in pieces. In progress. More than 10% done, less than 50% (please confirm, Sarah)
Signage Mary Improve the flipchart stand that we're using as a sandwich board. Needs a battery powered light, a big laminated printed logo, and an add-on scrolling LED unit (WS2812 based?) that can display custom messages. If we can set those messages via wifi - all the better! We have the printed sign, we have the light - it needs to be modded to run off the 12V SLA batteries Bob ordered. Mary has all the parts for the scrolling LED unit, and it's being built up on perf board. Almost done!
LoRa gateway and IoT devices Scott B Have a multichannel LoRaWAN Gateway connected to The Things Network for everyone in the area to connect their IoT Devices to. COMPLETE
Experimental Quadcopter Scott B Never built a quadcopter before. Crashed a few. Let's build one, or more using 3D Printed parts so we can make repairs easily. 3D printed parts complete. Gathering electronics for build.
Find-your-fade shawl Emma Make a shawl that highlights hand-dyed yarn. Around about 15% done. Progress photos coming soon!
two-at-a-time ribbed socks. In regia self-striping sock yarn Megan Make some socks for Heather that are made together at the same time - the ideal way to make two identical socks Over half-done