Frequently Asked Questions

:thought_balloon: Why do you exist?

Our goal is to create a large and supportive maker community. We host regular meetups, demos and workshops to make this happen.

We want to promote and encourage people to make (or repair/repurpose) things. Most of the founders have a background in software and electronics, but we want to promote all crafts and skills that are interesting to our members.

Come and meet us and you’ll get the idea! :slight_smile:

:mag: What about the other maker groups?

Hobart Makers was started by people that are (or were) members and committee-members of other maker and tech groups.

These existing groups include Hobart Hackerspace, REAST - Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania, the Orielton Playgroup, TasLUG, and others. We love that these groups exist, and we hope they continue to. We’d like to complement these groups, not replace them.

We think that Hobart Makers has different goals to the existing groups. We want to offer things like low-cost membership, more training workshops, a wider range of maker equipment and tools, an inclusive, friendly and supportive community, central location, and lots more regular activities to keep people engaged.

Hobart Makers was dreamed up in late Jan 2017, and incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation on the 2nd Feb 2017. So, we’re still very young and have some catching up to do!

:label: Why Hobart Makers, and not Hobart Makerspace?

We think the people are the focus, and the makerspace is secondary.

With our low-cost membership (including a $0 option), we are at risk of one day not being able to pay the bills. If that happens, we like to think that we can continue to operate as a roving maker group, using the free and low-cost spaces around Hobart for workshops and meetups.

Of course it’s preferable to have a makerspace, but we try to remain un-attached to any particular space (and uncommitted to any particular expenses!).

We have been lucky enough to strike a deal with Kickstart Arts in New Town, and we currently rent two rooms from them for a reasonable fee. Plus, we have the use of a third larger room, when it’s available, and even larger halls and meeting rooms for running workshops.

:dollar: What does membership cost?

Our membership fees are very flexible. We suggest $20/month, but you can pay whatever you think membership is worth, or whatever you can afford. If you have zero money, you are still welcome :slight_smile:

We hope you can place some trust in us to provide what you need, and in return we’ll trust you to pay whatever you can afford.

:thumbsup: Do you have “Working with Vulnerable People” cards?

Yes. All five of our committee members have their working with vulnerable people cards.

We also encourage anyone that wants to lead a workshop where children or other vulnerable people are present, to obtain a card too.