Any big, newsworthy announcements are made here and on the Facebook page.

Hobart Makers Has Moved! - 26 Sep 2018

We are moving our Maker Space to a new location - we will become part of the Enterprize community. Our new location is level 5, 24 Davey Street, Hobart CBD. This means that it is close to public transport and shops and we will be able to share and collaborate with other users of the Enterprize coworking space. EXCITING!

Laser Upgrade - 18 Jun 2017

We have made a big step forward in our laser cutter upgrade. The conversion from unknown-driver-board (with LinuxCNC) to Raspberry Pi and GRBL Pi Hat (with LaserWeb) has been made. We are very pleased, and everything is working well. There are just a few refinements to make, and possibly a PCB to design and make to neaten things up.

New Workshops - 17 Jun 2017

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering two new workshops: “Electronics for Beginners” with Ray Thomas, and “Chinese Brush Painting” with Alvin Cooke. Take a look at our events page for further details, and to purchase tickets.

Cider Making Workshop - 26 May 2017

Last night was the first cider making workshop at Hobart Makers. We had 8 students, and everyone had good fun, learned something new, and took some cider-in-progress away with them. Everyone was also keen to try making cider at home now!

Website refresh - 20 May 2017

We have recently updated the website - we hope you like it.

The information was getting a bit old before, but now it’s easier to update, hopefully we’ll stay on top of it.

Cider making workshop announced - 11 May 2017

We now have a cider making workshop on the calendar. 25th May 2017 is the proposed date, see the events page for more details.

First grant received! - 10 May 2017

A big thank you to Shae and the other coordinators of National Science Week. Our recent application for the $500 seed grant was successful! This means we’ll receive the necessary funding to run the LoRa (long range) radio demonstration we’ve been planning for National Science Week this August. Fantastic news. :smiley:

New laser cutter - 24 Apr 2017

We’re just taken delivery of a new (to us) 40W laser cutter, and we made the first few test cuts and engravings. We hope to do more of this on Tuesday at open night.

ABC Radio - 31 Mar 2017

One of our co-creators was in the radio station this morning plugging Hobart Makers.

Click here to hear it.

Open to new members - 7 Mar 2017

We’re now open to new members. Click here to join

First crochet workshop - 7 Mar 2017

First crochet workshop went very well. Six students attended, and everyone enjoyed themselves and learned something. Thanks students.

Crochet workshop announced - 20 Feb 2017

Come along and learn the basic crochet stitches.

A ball of 100% wool yarn (8-ply) will be provided as part of the course price and a 4.0mm crochet hook will be available to borrow. The hooks will also available to purchase ($6), if you would like to take one home with you.

TasLUG are coming to Hobart Makers - 13 Feb 2017

TasLUG are coming to Hobart Makers on 16th Feb 2017. More details on the TasLUG facebook event page

Progress - 10 Feb 2017

We have incorporated, we have bank accounts, an ABN, and we have struck a deal with Kickstart Arts to move into their space on Tuesday. Making progress. :smiley:

Hobart Makers is now incorporated! - 2 Feb 2017

We are now an incorporated not-for-profit association called “Hobart Makers Inc.”

T-shirts - 29 Jan 2017

We recently screenprinted some t-shirts with our logo. We hope to be able to put some up for sale soon.