Making Wishlist

This is a list of projects and things that you can volunteer to help out with.

If you want to join in, please get in touch

Item/Project Notes
Paoson portable workshop
Solder fume extractors
400dx1600lx800h mm desk for new electronics area
Installation of powerboards and led lighting strips for new electronics area
Small Cabinet for the shapeoko
Get the shapeoko up and running for engraving PCBs (needs a caretaker too) We have a 48VDC spindle to mount on it, needs a variable power supply.
Setup PCs with Inkscape, (3d modelling software), notepad++, arduino ide, other programming tools for coding club
Setup PC with Arduino, various programmers and test software (salea etc) for new electronics room
Build long workbench for bandsaw, drill press and grinder
Install Pegboards for tools on back of new workbench
Build new shelving for the electronics test bench to store test equipment
Refurbish new laser cabinet
Build electric spinning wheels