Access to the LulzBot Tax5 printer is via the OctoPrint web interface at If you are trained to use the printer you will be given a set of login credentials to use.


  • Get the 3D Printer working on Linux
  • Ability to turn off printer after print has finished
  • Add a webcam to the printer
  • Replace PC with Raspberry Pi
  • Print with 2 extruders


The 3D is a dangerous piece of equipment and should only be operated under the supervision of members who have been trained. We will run workshops as needed to provide this training.

Usage Costs

When you load a model using OctoPrint you will get an estimated cost. This is for ABS/PLA filament. If you are using a specialty filament then you will need to load a different slicing profile which will have the cost for the specialty filament.

In general, the cost of ABS/PLA is $0.20 per cm^3 (ABS is 1.04g/cm^3). This covers our cost of filament, power and spare parts for the printer (eg new heating elements and heat pads).

Essential Rules

  • DO NOT put your hands or fingers in the printer while a print is in progress. The nozzles and bed is hot and the motors do not forgive.


  • August 2017
    • Equipment loaned to Makers by Peter Lawler.
    • Control set up with OctoPrint
    • Heating Element fried, ordered replacements

Blog Posts


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