Sources and Configs

  • TODO


  • Get the 3D Printer working on Linux
  • Ability to turn off printer after print has finished
  • Add a webcam to the printer
  • Replace PC with Raspberry Pi
  • Print with 2 extruders


The 3D is a dangerous piece of equipment and should only be operated under the supervision of members who have been trained. We will run workshops as needed to provide this training.

Essential Rules

  • DO NOT put your hands or fingers in the printer while a print is in progress. The nozzles and bed is hot and the motors do not forgive.



Blog Posts


  • Craig's cheese-wedge door stop

    Craig's cheese-wedge door stop

  • Solder Fingers for holding wire

    Solder Fingers for holding wire

  • Printing more enclosures

    Printing more enclosures